Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Impressions: CrazyFlie

I just got a new Nano quad copter entitled the Crazyflie with 10 DOF from Bitcraze. This nifty device is tiny weighing under 20g, flies for about 7 minutes and is open source. The cool little device currently comes as a kit with almost everything you need to fly except the Crazyradio (sometimes included), a computer and a compatible controller. 

Crazyflie (10 DOF) with Crazyradio

Assembly was very simple with a tutorial available through the Bitcraze Wiki page along with a very simple video. Soldering is required as each motor must be soldered onto the board, but even with that, assembly took me under five minutes.

Once everything is put together a PC Client can be downloaded for your computer, personally I’ve been testing the Windows 8 version without any trouble. With the controller I’ve found flying to be fairly easy although it’s taken me quite a while to fly it with any accuracy.

Crazyflie (10 DOF)

As an open source project it’s really interesting and even as just a Nano quad copter it’s really fun to fly. The only major problems I’ve found is that the flight time is quite small at seven minutes due to the small size of the battery (170mAh Li-Po) although the site boasts a 20 minute charging time though the micro USB port which makes getting back to flying pretty fast.
Personally although such a great little device I haven’t seen too much in terms of the wider community development which could be attributed to how recent the Crazyflie copter has been out for. It will be interesting to see the future of this copter and how far development can go especially from the wider community.

Bitcraze Webstie:
Bitcraze Wiki:

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