Sunday, August 11, 2013

Mini Battlebot

I used to read up a lot about battlebots when I was younger and with YouTube I spent many hours trawling through different videos and seeing the power between two bots and how the construction and design was created so that one is able to beat another. With that I thought about making a very simple one myself albeit a super simplified version of the amazing machines I've seen. 

The design was similar to a wedge with a simple blade at the back which turns using an independent motor. A servo was hacked so that a 360 degree rotation could be obtained and that was used for the wheels. The whole Battle Bot utilized an aluminium sheet and was designed with simplicity in mind. Unfortunately as a battle bot stand point it can be seen that the wheels majorly stick out which makes it difficult to keep it safe in a battle bot setting. If I had another go at the redesign I would probably place the wheels inside since each wheel runs independently it would be fairly simple to do, although in this case due to the limited tools I had, it was a lot easier just placing it out.

A quick video of the build can be seen above, apologies for the quality as it's recorded on my phone:

As a battle bot it doesn't really stand up to a few of the amazing ones I've seen, but with a small amount of resources and money I thought it was an interesting build to make. In the future I would love to be able to do a much more professional job on building a proper battle bot, especially if I had more funds and spent some time on the design I believe it could come out pretty well.

I made a tutorial for this which can be found at:

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